Give A Little, Gain A Lot

It’s funny. We’ve learnt so much from the Web and the way it works but it seems like some things can’t be carried back over into the real world. Take for example the debates going on right now around the limited access to Web conferences.
Of course it’s impossible to invite everyone to speak at a conference because if you did it would get too large and out of hand. Then again by limiting it, you’re relaying a culture of exclusivity instead of openness.

And it doesn’t just end there. Instead of inviting just A listers you may want to go off the beaten track and invite different speakers who may not fully be on the radar yet but still have a lot of innovative thoughts to share. Yet if you do this, you may upset others who want to see these A listers or even upset the A listers themselves, since they may have newer insights to share.

So what do you do about? How do you make everyone happy? I’m not sure if you can. But hopefully those that want to be a part of these events realize the reality that only so many can fit into one space within a certain period of time, thus respecting others and the situation. At the same time though, hopefully we’ll see those who have already spoken at these conferences in the past deciding to step down to let others get a bit of time in the spotlight as well, thus promoting a positive culture of sharing and diversity. Who knows, maybe if we all just gave up a little, we’d all gain a lot more. 🙂