Are You Dying To Feel Alive?

Dare. Dream.
Explore. Discover.
Open. Trust.
Connect. Share.
Care. Love. Feel.

I wrote this a long time ago when I was doing some research on feeling connected to the world. If you look at the way the words are grouped on each line though, you’ll also note that they form the stages of building a relationship.

The funny thing is that if I ever did become a “Cultural Consultant” (in relationship to building strong communities / organizations / businesses), I think I’d use this as my motto. If you truly want to feel alive, you need to take risks, open yourself up, connect with others, and share things about yourself. When you do, people will truly know that you care. When you achieve that point, you’ll start feeling more alive then you’ve ever been before and you’ll truly love what you’re doing.

There is one funny thing about this though (or strange depending upon how you look at it). If I had to describe what I was trying to do in as simple and as few of words as possible, I would have to say that “I’m teaching people how to be human again.” Doesn’t that sound like a strange thing to say? Yet isn’t that what I’d be doing with a business who wants to build a community or start blogging? I’m basically teaching them how to be human again, so that they can open themselves up and connect to other people.