Weaving The World

Imagine the entire world as one enormous tapestry in the process of being woven. Each of us is a piece of complex fabric that fits into this tapestry. Along our edges are loose threads that help us to weave ourselves with others around us.

The problem in weaving this tapestry is that these loose threads along our edges are different for each one of us. We therefore need to find others around us with similar threads that we can weave ourselves with so as to be able to fit into this grand tapestry.

Therefore, while the richness of this tapestry is achieved by the diversity of these threads within each of us, the patterns within this tapestry can only be achieved if we find commonalities between one another and thus weave our similar loose threads together with one another. If we don’t then we’re only a pile of fabric patches that while beautiful on their own, still can’t create something truly wonderful unless we can weave ourselves together.

Now the question is, what loose threads have you seen in those around you that are similar to your own? And an even greater question is what are you doing to try to help weave those loose threads together to actually create something wonderful?

I think one last thing to note is that these woven threads aren’t permanent. They require constant rethreading and attention to maintain the strength of the weave between us, otherwise they just unravel and become loose threads again.