If RPG’s Were Like MMO’s

Bill: Hey everyone, I’d like to welcome Steve. He’s going to be our new Priest for the group.
Everyone at the table greets Steve enthusiastically.
Steve: Great to be playing with you guys! I heard you’re all 10th level and ready to set off on an adventure to storm a wizard’s stronghold. Sounds awesome!
Bill: That’s right, they are. As the Game Master, I’ve got a few surprises in store for them though, so they better be on their toes.
Everyone laughs at the table.
Steve: Great! So when do we start!
Bill: Well we’ll be playing now but which day did you want start our private sessions?
Steve: Private sessions? What do you mean? I thought I was playing with everyone tonight?
Bill: Oh no, we don’t allow that Steve! Haha! That’s funny!
Steve raises his eyebrow with a quizzical look on his face.
Steve: Did I say something funny?
Bill: Well you can’t just start up a new character at 10th level and your 1st level Priest wouldn’t survive very long with us now would he? No, we’ll set some private sessions aside just for you and me so that we can work your 1st level character up to 10th level quickly though. You don’t mind playing four or five nights a week for the next few weeks do you? Be better if we get it all done quickly in one swoop so you can finally start playing with the others here. Sound good?
Steve: Huh? You’re kidding right?