Dumping News Reader

I was using Bloglines. Nothing wrong with it all actually. It is actually a great news reader if you want to use one. I’ve just decided I just want to go back to reading the news on the sites themselves. And yes this means I’ll be going back to reading just a handful of sites a day. It’s not the quantity of connections that matter but the quality.

3 thoughts on “Dumping News Reader

  1. Nollind –
    I have run into the same situation. Now that I use Firefox and the Tabs I can open all of my primary blogs at once and see the information. Now if I could just find an extension that would keep track of the NEW entries and show the tabs that have new content in a different color and maybe even a count of the new items on that blog.

    I really like your blog here, so much so that I have opened a trial account on squarespace to see what it is all about. I really like it so far! Lots of features that the other blog systems that I have tried do not have!

  2. Dewayne, I guess the main reason I dumped using a feed reader is that sometimes I don’t get to check it daily. Therefore, when I do check it, there’ll be a ton of news items to check. I’d rather take the approach that Dave Winer talks about with the first feed reader that he made in that it only shows the latest feeds instead of collecting them all.

    In other words, I only want to see the latest five journal entries say. I was looking around for a feed reader to do this when I realized that, duh, why don’t I just go to the person’s site because that’s what I see there! Hehe! Anyways, I also like going to the person’s site as well because you get more of their personality and soul (if you will) in it when you visit it versus just reading the content from a feed reader.

    Thanks for the compliment on the site but I feel like it still isn’t meeting my needs. I have so much more I’d like to add to it but I’m still working on how best to do this. Hopefully I’ll come up with a solution sooner than later because it gets tiring constantly thinking about how to communicate something when really you just want to communicate it. In comparison, it would be like building a telephone from scratch every time you want to call someone. After a while it gets tedious. 🙂

  3. I agree that going to the site itself gives you a much better feel for the person. Usually if the blogger has been around for awhile they have put up things on the non post sections of the site that give you information about their affiliations, interests, friends, other people that the blogger likes to read, etc.

    I am not sure it is possible to be satisfied with a creative endeavor like building and maintaining a custom website/weblog/journal. Over time we learn/change and we always want our website to reflect that.

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