Fooling Around With Design

I’m getting tired of my simple blue with green design and I’m looking for an even simpler design. I’m looking at using minimal amounts of color as possible in my design, so that the images I include with my content stand out even more. Enjoy the messy sandbox.

2 thoughts on “Fooling Around With Design

  1. What?! No! you mean no more having to click previous to go back a page? Or was it next? 😛

    I love a redesign.

    I’m trying to get my Ruby on Rails installation to work with MySQL so I can install Typo and enter the theme competition.

  2. Huh? No they’re there at the bottom of the page still (i.e. prev / next). Just think of them like Flickr’s prev / next buttons.

    I think I like redesigns so much because I like constantly playing around with things, changing things around, and looking at things from different viewpoints to see what I’ll find. 🙂

    With regards to Ruby, let me know when you get something up or want to tell me the location of your secret rebel base. 🙂

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