Automatically Tagging Your Content

No I’m not talking about some new autotagging feature that scans your content and automatically assigns tags to it. I’m talking about modifying existing blogging software so that it assumes the tags you want to assign to the post based upon where you are located within your site. For example, right now in Squarespace, I can click on a category view (i.e. blog, book, contact, etc) to filter my view by that specific category. At the top of that view though, I still have a button to "create a new journal entry". Well imagine if in pressing that button, the post that I created automatically got assigned the same category tag of my current view. So if I was looking at my book entries and I created a new journal entry, that entry would be tagged "book" because the system assumed I wanted this tag because I was viewing my journal filtered by books. In effect, the association is automatically created based upon the view or location of where you are on your site.

Here’s another example for those who have created Flickr Photo Set’s in the past. Imagine if you could select the default tags for a specific Photo Set that you created. Also imagine if you could select a Set when adding pictures to Flickr. So if I had all my cat pictures in one Flickr Set entitled My Cats and I selected that set when adding more cat pictures to Flickr then the system would automatically tag those photos with my default tag settings for me without needing me to enter those tags. So not only would those photos be added to my primary photo stream but they would also be added to my Photo Set entitled My Cats.

Now some people may say, what’s the big deal?! It is only a few tags to add. What’s wrong with the way we do it now in selecting them? Well here’s my point, I’m not looking at just a few tags but many tags as well as other journal properties. And once you have to start dealing with that many journal post properties, you’ll definitely want an easy way to automatically tag your content instead of having to tediously enter these properties or tags every single time. I’ll give some more examples of how to do this automatic application of many tags and properities to your content using, strangely enough, some new dynamic views I’ve thought up. More later.