Uber Journal Archive

This is a mind dump. Therefore most of this probably won’t make sense.

Types (Text, Photo, Music, Movie, Bookmark, etc)
Properties (Source, Author, Date, etc)
Time Frame (Day, Week, Month, Year, Decade)

Property -> Date: Start Date: Jan 1, 2004 / End Date: Year (shows full year) (can even group by month)

Select post type when adding it. Journal, Book, Photo, Music, Movie, Bookmark, etc.

Select Journal Archive view with "Grouped by Type" enabled so that posts are shown grouped by typed. AS WELL as a side box that allows you select the view order (i.e. use up/down arrows to arrange order or select alphabetically, date?, etc)

Select types from drop down list (like you select categories) to filter Journal Archive view by those types only.

Select start and end time frames (with Ongoing Present and Full Past available) so that you can filter your Journal Archive view by a specific time frame.

Select a single or multiple categories (from drop down list) to filter Journal Archive view by specific categories.

Select filter by bookmarks and "Grouped by Source" or by specific Source (i.e. Boing Boing) with time frame set to the last week to find all bookmarks that were found off of Boing Boing.

Select time frame or number of posts to filter by but with option to have view more button on side (i.e. More >>).

EXAMPLE: Travels in Asia 2005

Select Journal Archive and enable filters for specific 2005 timeframe,  categories of "asia, vacation", types set to all, group by types which would give you a nowblog / lense that focuses on exciting things to do in Asia in 2005.

PER POST PRIVACY SETTINGS (even to point of Follow-up being private and post being public)

CREATE A NEW JOURNAL ENTRY: Available on Journal Archive, if clicked, defaults to same categories filter settings

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  1. Actually I think I just figured out what I’m looking for and of course now looking back I need to remember to keep repeating the mantra “Keep It Simple Stupid”.

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