Moving From Many To Meaningful

Last night, just before I went to bed, something dawned on me. If I want to find and maintain truly meaningful relationships with people, I have to unfortunately be very selective. Why? Because when you start creating too many relationships, there is just no way you can maintain a meaningful aspect to each one of those relationships because you are just spread way too thin and can’t commit as much time to each one of those relationships as you’d like. Therefore, my upcoming goal is to spend less time running around the Web (as well as reading feeds) and trying to spend more time connecting with those who I truly want to maintain these meaningful relationships with.

2 thoughts on “Moving From Many To Meaningful

  1. Sounds like a plan.

    My favorite saying at the moment is

    “If you want to be famous, hang around famous people.”

    That applies as much to business as it does to personal life. If you replace famous with what you want to be. And no I don’t want to be famous. 🙂

    I’ve been trimming my feed reader gradually and reaping the mental and sanity benefits. As well and doing away with inane Instant Messenger usage.

    It’s all about focusing yourself. Somewhere. Even if you have no idea where the point of focus lies beyond all the noise around you.

    I may however have taken my trimming and focus to far. lol. Cos I ain’t go no meaning.

  2. Actually the funny thing with regards to looking for meaning is realizing that it is actually there but you just can’t see it yet. It takes looking at things from different angles and viewpoints to make you realize that their are patterns to your life which usually relate to the meaning you are looking for. I only noticed this myself a few months ago. And yes, removing the white noise and distractions definitely helps in seeing these patterns.

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