NowBlogs Are Different Focused Viewpoints Of Your Life

HOLY CRAP! I just realized something! Remember how I was just talking about creating a nowblog and how I thought these viewpoints that you made on a specific topic were important because it shows a collective “focus” on something of interest to you in your life? Well duh! What if blogging software could do this for you automatically??!!

I mean think about it. What type of content did I just say I would be collecting in a nowblog? I’m giving a description of my topic and why it’s important to me, then I’m listing not only posts from my own websites but articles posts from other websites, not to mention general website links and items to purchase (ads) that relate to my topic directly. Ok, so I started thinking here that all those article posts that are from my site are just posts with a category or topic tag that groups them together and lists them all. Hmmm, now what if all of the articles links from other sites on this topic were tagged daily links that I had posted on my site? Again, you could just show the listing of these daily links centered around this specific topic. Hell, even ads could be handled the same way if you made a post for each ad and tagged that ad.

All you would really need to do to accomplish this dynamic nowblog viewpoint would be to create a new archive template in Movable Type that displays these lists one after the other in a design display format of your choosing. My default format was just one after the other but hell, you could get creative and make the books which relate to the topic as a vertical thumbnail gallery off to the side or however you choose to display them. The important thing here though is that you could dynamically create these viewpoints on the fly and have a static URL that people could view it at. Hmmm, in effect what this nowblog page sounds like is an Uber category page of not only your journal posts but everything that you’ve seen that relates to this topic (i.e. website articles, websites, books, movies, etc)!