Trying To Find A Balance

I mentioned before that I wanted to start talking a little bit more about myself because by talking about my past I think you’ll understand where I’m trying to get to in the future with this site and some of my endeavors. However, I obviously want to avoid going into long winded stories that might bore you because I’m sure no one wants to hear about how I was raised by wolves in the remote northern tundra of Manitoba, Canada. Hehe, honest!

Actually it’s partially true because I was born in Manitoba and I do love animals and nature. I think it is because throughout most of my life I’ve always lived primarily in rural or natural settings. As I kid I used to walk my dog through the wheat fields north of Edmonton, Alberta, where my family owned an acreage overlooking a river valley. It was an incredible and memorable place to grow up as a kid. But even today, living in the city of Vancouver, British Columbia, I still have the benefit of walking not even 15 minutes from my home in Kitsilano to get into the woods surrounding the University of British Columbia.

Now this leads to this site and where I’m at today. You see while I’m fascinated with the imaginative possibilities of technology and the Web, I can’t spend all of my waking time online, immersed in technology, talking about it constantly. Believe me back in the late 90’s I did a pretty good job of trying to do just that but I just can’t do it anymore. Why? Well, as I mentioned before, for some reason when I’m offline I feel as though I’m more connected to the world then when I’m online supposedly connected to millions of others on the Web. Yes, I’m connected to other people and to tons of information but something still feels like it is missing. What I’m not fully sure, yet somehow “feelings” have something to do with it. I realized this when I analyzed the question that I kept asking myself. “Why don’t I ‘feel’ connected when I’m online?”

You see when I’m online, it definitely can be an exciting experience especially with all of the newer technologies appearing on the horizon relating to Web 2.0. However, no matter how exciting these experiences are, I still don’t “feel alive” when I’m online. The only time I feel this way is when I’m disconnected from it. Kind of ironic in the sense that for me to truly connect to the world I would do so by disconnecting from millons of people online.

Anyways the whole point of this post is more of an affirmation for myself because not only is this site a place for me to voice my ideas and thoughts towards my goals but I want it to be a place that will continually remind me of the real world and what wonders lay within it. Yes, the Web is definitely a pretty amazing place to explore. However, just by stepping out the front door of your home, you’ll find the real world an even more amazing place to explore as well.