Nollind Whachell

Gamer, Researcher, Writer.
From playing within imaginary worlds to imagining a world of play.

I love systems that truly let people play within them. This means that rather than “hard-coding” the functionality or behaviour of a system to work in only one “preprogrammed” way, the system has the flexibility to adapt to the people’s needs, thus working in a way that works for them rather than against them.

Encountering a “wicked problem” in Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

Where I’ve Been

Learn about my journey so far. How I got here.

Where I’m At

Learn more about what I’m working on right now.

Where I’m Going

Learn more about my vision of where I want to go.

Social Systems

Organizations (2002 – Present)

When the Dot-Com Bubble burst just after the turn of the millennium and I was left standing on the street corner without a job, I became frustrated at the way work no longer seemed to be working for me but actually seemed to be working against me. Since that time, I’ve been personally researching Creativity, Social Innovation, and The Future of Work, looking at newer playful ways for organizations to begin working again for all people, rather than just a limited few.

Technological Systems

The Web (1995 – Present)

In 1995, I was blown away by the potential of the Web and the possibilities it could bring our us closer together collectively as a society.

Video Games (1978 – Present)

In 1978, I also started playing my first computer video games.

Computers (1978 – Present)

In 1978, I got my first personal computer, a Radio Shack TRS-80.