Where We’re Going

by Gerry Cinnamon

I hope one day, love
You can open up your eyes and you will see
It’s only destiny
Where we’re going this shit don’t matter


What Else Is There?

by Röyksopp

It’s about you and the sun
A morning run
The story of my maker
What I have and what I ache for


The Space In Between

by Jan Blomqvist

Can’t figure out how we got here
Living on decay
The 7 Words left on paper
Will disconnect the day


Touch Me (Original 12″)

by Rui Da Silva

We can only understand what we are shown
How was I supposed to know our love would grow?
You touch my mind in special places
My heart races with you

One of my favourite songs that I stumble across in the last year. Considering that it came out so many years ago, I’m surprised I’ve never heard until now.