Sticky Note To The Head

I always seem to frustrate myself whenever I listen to someone who helps me to see things relating to the bigger picture that I’m working towards. Why do I get frustrated? Because when listening to them or reading what they have to say, I see all of the small pieces of concepts, ideas, and beliefs in my head weaving together to make the thing I’ve been searching for so long. Why that should be wonderful you think!? It is…until I finish listening or reading what they have to say and then everything I’ve just thought of unravels in my mind. Doh!

I think I seriously need to start taking notes as I’m absorbing information instead of afterwards. Nevertheless, I think I’m closer to what I’ve been pursuing my entire life than I have ever been. What’s that? I still have no idea. I can’t describe it (though culture is a strong component of it). I can feel it with every fibre of my being though, using my intuition as a compass, and I know I’m headed in the right direction.