Web 2.0 RAM, Virtual Memory, & Disk Space

Jason Kottke talks about the importance of still having applications that you can use offline, even though most of the industry is pushing towards online applications. He has a very good point and one that I’d like to expand upon using the comparison to your existing computer’s RAM memory, virtual memory, and disk storage space. In the future, I see our computers as being the RAM and virtual memory of Web 2.0 with the Web itself being the disk storage space. In effect, when we work and save our applications, they will be saved to our hard drive but more as a "disk cache". As soon as Internet network activity is established your computer will synchronize this data with your online storage space automatically without you having to do anything. That way, if you don’t have your computer, you can still access and work with any of your data at any computer that has the same applications upon it (just by logging in).