Service Frustrations

I can’t help but think about what David Seah said about wanting to eventually develop his own products instead of focusing just on services. I feel exactly the same way. Don’t get me wrong though, the feeling you get when you actually help someone is a great feeling but therein lies the problem. You can’t help someone who doesn’t want your help, no matter how badly they may appear to need it. That company or person has to be willing to want your help first and trust in your experience and knowledge before you can help them.

Obviously companies like 37signals are a great example of companies who’ve switched from services over to selling a product. However, a little closer to home, I remember admiring a local carpenter who does the same thing. Instead of running his own shop where he may have to create custom work for clients, he works out of his garage building what he likes and then turns around and sells those pieces to other stores for them to sell. He may not make as much money but he loves what he does because he works whenever he wants, vacations whenever he wants, and builds whatever he wants (like an artist). I always thought if I could create my own product in this same way, I’d be in heaven. Again, yes, you’re not making as much money but as long as I had enough to live a comfortable life, I’d be happy.