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Syncing Obsidian on an iPad & iCloud Is Very Easy

While I’m finding using Obsidian on my Mac desktop is fairly easy, I quickly realized I was missing the immediacy of note-taking that I usually do on my iPad when reading news articles or academic papers on it, so I decided to install it and sync it to my iPad as well.

Wow. The setup couldn’t have been easier. Basically I created a new Obsidian Vault during the iPad setup (which again is completely free on the App Store) and chose “Store in iCloud”. That’s it. I then just copied my local existing Obsidian vault filings from my Mac’s local drive into this iCloud location, closed the old local vault on my Mac and opened the new iCloud one. Super easy.

Again I’m finding this essential because I need the ability to write out my thoughts immediately as they’re happening in the moment, thus allowing me to catch and store them immediately. This is also important because, as I noted previously, when I see a connection and relationship from something new I’ve found to previous thoughts I’ve had, I not only have to create a new note for the new thing I’ve found but I also have to create new notes for my older thoughts that I’d had before but never really captured and stored in this (atomic notes) way.

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