When Ideas Come to Life

I found an amazing article this morning that perfectly fit in with this other idea that I’ve been working (that I’ll hopefully share soon). But I just wanted to highlight something that I’ve been noticing, as I’ve been trying to work this idea out.

The more I’ve tried to force it to completion in the past, the more it doesn’t work and just falls apart. So in making it work, I’ve found it’s almost like I need to give it time and space, so that it can emerge on its own. And the best way I can describe the feeling of this emergence is “small pieces loosely joined.”

But what’s funny when I do hold space for it is that it seems like nothing special seems to happen at first glance but then while browsing around it, for even just a few minutes, suddenly something clicks and begins to emerge from it. Almost like its beginning to make sense of itself on its own, as you explore and navigate through it.

I mean I don’t want to get overly excited because I’ve been down this road before and have been disappointed in the past but something seriously feels like it’s becoming alive here and taking on a life of it’s own (with a strange Marginalian sort of feel to it as well).

Most important of all though, as I noted the other day, I don’t really care anymore if other people don’t get it because I know most people definitely won’t. All that matters is that I get it, as it is helping me to make sense of my work in a way that feels more playful, meaningful, and exhilarating than I’ve felt in a very long time.

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