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Finding a Way to Write Short Atomic Insights for More Meaningful Understanding

In trying to express something today (without much success), I stopped, stepped back, and reflecting upon the situation. In doing so, I asked myself, “Why is it that I can see connections and relationships to things in the midst of reading something but when I then try to extract those important relationships and connections (so that I can then share them with others), it seems almost impossible for me to do so?”

For some reason when I thought about this, I was reminded of how your natural talent or gift seems so effortless to you that you’re often not aware of it. I’m wondering if this is why extracting my insights seems so difficult because they’re often so intuitive that I myself haven’t even rationally verbalized them internally yet. Yet until I do, they’ll remain locked within me, unable to be externalized.

All that said though, what intuitively feels like the answer to this predicament is that when an insight occurs to me while reading, I need to immediately stop, articulate it in words, and capture it in my notes, no matter if it’s just a single sentence.

More importantly than that though, I need a visual way to show the connections and relationships revealed in this insight (like using hyperlinks). And again using the Evergreen notes method, whereby I create a simple proposition showing the relationship between two concepts, seems to be the obvious way to do this. Yet for some reason trying to replicate this method seems difficult for me to do as well.

However, until I can replicate what’s naturally and effortlessly occurring within my mind, I won’t make much progress with my work.

All said and done, this issue I’m experiencing is not about writing large grandiose posts to communicate something (which I can evidently do). Rather it’s about writing short atomic statements that can be used as building blocks of meaningful understanding, as it evolves and grows, scaffolding upon itself.

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