Defining My Basic Aspiration

While thinking about my fears that are constraining me and finally beginning to doze off to sleep last night, a singular thought crept into my mind and it’s one that I’ve touched upon before but haven’t fully explored yet.

If I can achieve anything at all with my work, I would like it at the very least to be similar to the website The Marginalian.

So it would be “a search for meaning” using my past research on The Future of Work, social innovation, creativity, and vertical development, but it would be done through the playful and “wonder-full lens” of seeing life as a roleplaying game.

But unlike Maria Popova’s site which over time has begun to lead to an emerging, overarching premise about life, I want to start with my overarching premise about life as a roleplaying game and then creates posts over time that solidify this idea, so that people can better understand it through the patterns that emerge from my posts collectively.

That’s it. If I could achieve nothing else from my work in my life besides that, I’d be ecstatic with that alone.

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