Building an Empowering Identity With Empowering Narratives

BTW while reading parts of John Hagel’s book The Journey Beyond Fear today, I realized a synchronicity between it and Robert Kegan and Lisa Laskow Lahey’s book Immunity to Change.

John Hagel talks about understanding the narrative that drives your life and how that narrative can (fearfully) impede you or (hopefully) empower you, depending upon how its crafted and who crafts it (i.e. you or society).

What’s remarkable is that Robert Kegan and Lisa Laskow Lahey’s Immunity Map, described in their book Immunity to Change, does the same very thing. It is effectively a four column map that defines the narrative of your life and describes why it’s working or not working for you (primarily based upon your fears).

And both describe how creating a larger narrative and identity for yourself is how one overcomes their fears and steps beyond them.

Anyways, this synchronicity that I see between their books is something that I’ve noted before with others. I keep seeing people all working on the same thing but from different perspectives. In this case, they’re all working on vertical development, yet some of them (like John Hagel) are perhaps completely unaware that they are.

For example, Dave Gray’s Liminal Thinking doesn’t talk about vertical development at all within it but I think it’s monumental in helping people to understand a foundational aspect of vertical development, that their perceived sense of reality isn’t real but rather constructed.

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