Resurrecting & Reintegrating My Identity

I was watching more of the recent Eve Online Fanfest videos tonight and what I realized was that my recent epiphany is more poignant than I realized.
In fact, if I fully embrace my gaming background again, including my past experiences, story, and identity, the newer narrative and worldview I’ve been trying to create fits perfectly within it, including the metaphorical language I’ve been struggling to use.

In effect, the thing that was out of place wasn’t my work itself but rather my identity that was behind it, which is like the foundation of it. This is why I always felt out of place trying to help corporate environments with organizational change initiatives as a “change agent” (especially when I was on Google+). It just wasn’t me. It felt fake somehow. What I wanted to play and achieve was something much more radical.

Let’s see where this takes me now, when I embrace this radical play!

The characters come before the story. Once you figure them out and set them loose, the story unfolds on its own.

Sheree Rehema
The Art of Character Development

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