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Categorizing My Metaphorical, Emotional Heart, Rather Than My Logical Head

Ok, this is interesting. You’ll notice in my recent posts that I’m creating smaller bite-sized pieces of content, as I mentioned I wanted to do.

What I’m also noticing with this though is that the post content is the logical “head” of what I want to share (using the heart, head, and hands approach) and the category at the top is the visionary “heart” (well, not this post, as it just about site design).

What’s interesting about this approach is that I could then effectively write out a simple visionary “heart” narrative (which in this case embodies the narrative mechanics of a roleplaying game) using these category keywords and then by clicking on the hyperlinked words in the narrative, the reader could see the deeper meaning of the words and what they embody.

This in turn helps me achieve an emergence with my work by seeing the patterns, seeing their relationship, and their larger identity overall. So by defining these patterns as categories, I’m able to cluster them and see the deeper meaning from the cluster. This in turn will hopefully help me to browse through the cluster and make better sense of it as a whole and in turn articulate it better as a whole but in a very simple small pieces, loosely joined way.

Finally what’s interesting about this is that I tried to do this in the past but failed. In reflecting back on my previous category keywords, it appears I failed because my categories were logical “head” based rather than the visionary “heart” based. While this might not seem like a big deal, it was for me because these visionary “heart” based keywords I’ve kept seeing over the last couple of decades provide the deepest emotional connection and clarity for me, almost as though they are an intuitive cipher that is helping me to unlock some deeper wisdom that is emerging from within me.

Oh, one more interesting observation though. It appears that this method will only work if I break down what I’m reading into these metaphoric keyword categories and create one post per category. An example of this is a recent article I read by John Hagel which I found too difficult to write as a single comprehensive post because there was just too many aspects of it to talk about, so it became overwhelming to try to articulate it as a whole. In other words, it feels like I’m in the middle of a tornado and the different aspects of what I’m trying to write about are spinning too fast around me to grasp and make sense of. Thus picking one aspect and focusing on it is easier.

By Nollind Whachell

Questing to translate Joseph Campbell's Hero’s Journey into The Player’s Handbook for The Adventure of Your Life, thus making vertical (leadership) development an accessible, epic framework for everyone.

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