Using Game Spaces As Transformative Learning Environments

Using triple-loop learning, or possible even quadruple-loop learning, for growth and development in game spaces

BTW one of the things I’ve been exploring as a possibility for expressing my life’s work is using video game spaces as transformative learning environments. What I mean by this is not designing and creating video games that are transformative, as that’s too much of a time investment, but rather taking existing video games and making the experiences within them transformative by changing your perspective of what you’re learning from them.

This emerged from my previous conversation with Pi talking about using triple-loop learning within the game World of Tanks Blitz. In effect, if I could use this to help me reframe my mindset and see where I was get stuck in my mindset and blaming others instead of actually learning and growing within the game, why couldn’t I then take that learning experience and show people how this can be applied to the larger “infinite game” of life as well.

Even more so, it would allow me to start showing my work rather than just trying to explain it as I’ve done up until now. Even more so, using triple-loop learning really simplifies vertical development down to something much more digestible for people, rather than trying to understand all these stages and levels of development. Best of all, it focuses on problems which is pretty much what most people are focused on today (but it does so in a Trojan horse sort of way).

BTW I just learnt that not only is there triple-loop learning but quadruple-loop learning as well which was proposed by Perspectiv’s Andy Wilkins. And I’m wondering if what I’m trying to do is more quadruple-loop learning than triple-loop learning. Not sure yet, as I’m still trying to make sense of it, but a lot of what’s spoken about it in this article really resonates with what I’ve said before as to what our society’s greatest “wicked problem” is right now and how it requires “believing to see” a new way forward, not the other way around.

The most interesting thing about quadruple-loop learning is that it focuses on intention whereas triple-loop learning focuses on context. If you’ve read any sort of spiritual or new age book, you’ll know that intention underpins a lot of them and could possibly even affect quantum physics as well.

The thing is that it is so often true – people will go to great lengths to defend the indefensible in order to show they are right. People will go red in the face to prove they are right, and daily you can hear people talking in a way that means they would really rather not change their frame of mind.

From Double to Quadruple-Loop Learning

By Nollind Whachell

Questing to translate Joseph Campbell's Hero’s Journey into The Player’s Handbook for The Adventure of Your Life, thus making vertical (leadership) development an accessible, epic framework for everyone.

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