“The Whole World Turns Out To Be Full of Guides”

Reflecting upon my revised understanding of my quest, I’m realizing now that it will take me to many diverse “guides,” who will help me to translate it. This is what has been happening in my life and within the psyche of my mind for the past two decades. I just didn’t fully realize it until now. In effect, I had already started my quest without fully realizing what it was all about in a larger sense. 

So I kept reading these snippets of text within books from many different notable authors that resonated with my MMORPG experiences from the past but I didn’t know what I was supposed to do with them because I couldn’t make sense of the larger picture yet. But my intuition was seeing something on a deeper level that my rational mind couldn’t grasp yet. 

All of these different notable authors, writing about their different domains of knowledge and wisdom in their books, are like the NPC quest guides on my larger quest chain that I’m undertaking. They are helping me to translate the Hero’s Journey into The Player’s Handbook for Life, making it a practical guide for the visionary work we all have the potential to achieve within our lives.

That is, if we can regain our child-like capacity to play with our sense of self-identity and step beyond who we think we are at this moment to become who we truly want to be at a deeper level.

Such an understanding will also make it clear that finding a guide for your journey isn’t a question of finding a special person. It is a question of becoming a special person: a traveller, a pilgrim, a person on a journey. When you have done that, the whole world turns out to be full of guides.

William Bridges, JobShift

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