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Building A Working Relationship With Your Future Self

I was just thinking about what I said in my last post below and how it resonates with Tiago Forte’s work on note taking for better writing and productivity.

This is what has been happening in my life and within the psyche of my mind for the past two decades. I just didn’t fully realize it until now. In effect, I had already started my quest without fully realizing what it was all about in a larger sense. 

So I kept reading these snippets of text within books from many different notable authors that resonated with my MMORPG experiences from the past but I didn’t know what I was supposed to do with them because I couldn’t make sense of the larger picture yet. But my intuition was seeing something on a deeper level that my rational mind couldn’t grasp yet. 

Nollind Whachell

By saving all the byproducts of our writing, we collect all the future material we might need in one place. This approach sets up your future self with everything they need to work as decisively and efficiently as possible. They won’t need to trawl through folder after folder looking for all the sources they need. You’ll already have done that work for them.

Tiago Forte

That said though, I’m not sure I could have organized these insights I was intuitively seeing at the time into a “second brain” PKM folder, if I had had one back then, because I didn’t understand their relationship to one another, other than this intense feeling of synchronicity, and thus I couldn’t see the larger context they “fit into” at the time.

So it’s like I’ve always said, it feels like you’re exploring this larger, newer, unknown world and you get glimpses of it by harbouring at different spots on its shore initially and then later taking excursions into its wild jungles. Yes, you’re mapping it but you don’t fully make sense of it until you’ve got enough information to put all the pieces together and see the larger picture.

It’s funny because Tiago posted a tweet a while back, talking about what creativity feels like without organization. Yet to me, this is the actually the creative self-organization that naturally occurs when we step into the unknown of ourselves which has no map, thus no knowledge of which direction to go. Often we just have to follow our intuitive feelings and see where they lead us.

In time though, we make sense of where we are standing and how it relates to the larger world around us.

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