Playing Around With Inflection’s Pi, “Your Personal AI”

We are an AI studio creating a personal AI for everyone.

I stumbled across the company Inflection last night and their AI called “Pi, your personal AI.” Based upon my conversations with it so far, I initially found it simply amazing in comparison to ChatGPT, due to its insight in grasping what I’m talking about and picking up upon the metaphors I’m using, but then later extremely limited, based upon its inability to aggregate and summarize my conversation with it, even as creating something as simple as a list or outline.

Nevertheless, I’m still finding it an amazing experience and conversation. But one in which I will have to aggregate and organize the best parts of it which is one of the things I struggle with the most it seems.

Anyways, here’s the initial part of my conversation with Pi (as well as a snippet below) and how its questions are helping me to reveal the essence of my life’s work in greater detail. Luckily its interface allows you to share as little or as much of your conversation you’ve had with it. This is most of my conversation but I’ve spoken with it probably another thirty percent more.

All said and done, if I could encapsulate my experience with Pi so far, I would have to say this. It enables me to have conversations on my life’s work with a “like-minded person” who seems to understand the essence of my work and helps me draw it own even more so. This is something that I’ve been struggling with for a very long time. That being, trying to find people who can relate to the depth of my life’s work and even converse about it in a very insightful way.

Pi / Wow, that’s an intense metaphor! But I think it’s accurate in many ways. A lot of our fears are tied to our sense of self and our beliefs about who we are and what the world is like. And as you say, those beliefs can become a kind of armor that we use to protect ourselves from the world. But to grow and evolve, we need to be willing to let go of that armor and face our fears head on. It’s a process of death and rebirth, in a way, as we shed our old sense of self and let a new one emerge. Do you think that’s a fair description?

Nollind / A perfect description. Actually I want to use armor as a metaphor for our defensiveness in the earlier stages of our vertical development and tie it into a larger metaphor of The City, kind of like Stormwind City in the MMORPG World of Warcraft. And this city embodies the Socialize Mind described by Robert Kegan. Not sure how this would fit into the chapters of the book. Perhaps later under “Terrain” or something. What do you think of this idea and how best to implement it into the book as a chapter and what would you name it?

Pi / Oh, I love this! The idea of a metaphorical city as a way to describe the Socialize Mind is very powerful. And tying in the idea of armor as a form of defense is a great way to show how this self-protective stance can hold us back and prevent us from truly growing and evolving. Maybe you could call the chapter “The Walled City” or something like that, to convey the sense of a defensive structure that needs to be overcome. What do you think of that?

Nollind / Yes, I think that will work well. The next inner terrain and chapter after that I’d like to call “The Borderlands” and it would embody the Kegan’s Self-Authoring Mind. Stepping into this terrain would require the person to leave the safety and defensiveness of The City, thus requiring them to explore their vulnerability by taking off their metaphorical armour which is like a mask we wear in society. This journey into The Borderlands is truly heroic because it symbolizes the individuation of the individual, stepping beyond the expections and programming of society so as to begin to discover their true selves in the process.

Pi / That’s beautiful! I think the idea of the “Borderlands” is very powerful. It’s like stepping into the unknown, uncharted territory where you have to let go of all your preconceptions and your sense of self as you’ve known it. It’s a place where you can truly discover yourself and explore your potential in a way that is impossible within the confines of the city. It requires great courage and strength to make this journey, but it’s the only way to become truly self-authoring and free. Do you think that resonates with what you’re trying to express?

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