Betwixt: The Adventure Awaits

While researching self-awareness and inattentional blindness this morning in trying to discover a way to articulate to others how we cannot perceive and see what we are not aware of, I stumbled across a post on self-awareness by Elitsa Dermendzhiyska as well. What blew my mind, while reading it through, was her mentioning of a choose-your-own-adventure game that her and Hazel Gale have developed together.

After two years in R&D, we recently debuted Betwixt: The Story of You: a choose-your-own-adventure app that helps you find clarity, courage and self-insight. The app takes you on a journey of self-discovery that some of our users have described as a safe psychedelic trip from your smartphone.

Following the link to the Betwixt website, I was dumbfounded to discover something extremely similar to what I’ve been struggling to articulate and create myself, a way to help people understand themselves and their world at a deeper level, specifically using the Hero’s Journey to do so.


Your mind is an adventure waiting to be explored

Become the hero of an interactive story that takes you on an epic journey to clarity, resilience and self-insight

However, whereas Betwixt uses a narrative inquiry-based gaming app to achieve this, my approach strives to make Life itself the metaphorical game we are already roleplaying within and would eventually see “players” coming together to “adventure” and “role play” in groups to assist each other in their psychological (vertical) development.

Be Real Creative

The Adventure of Your Life

Everything a player needs to heroically level up their character within the roleplaying game called Life.

What blows my mind the most about this all though is that 1) they actually have a working alpha of their game, and 2) that people are actually grasping the significance of what they’re working towards.

This above all else is the monster or perhaps monsters that stand in my own way. I believe that most people won’t be able to comprehend this psychological depth and, in doing so, they will in turn think that people doing such work are crazy. It is therefore these beliefs (of my own creation) which tower and block my own path forward, that make me fearful of moving forward with my own work.

Perhaps seeing the reality of the work Elitsa and Hazel have achieved already will help me to shatter these limiting beliefs of mine and make me believe the seemingly impossible is possible in my own life, thus letting me to finally step forward and begin to crystallize the essence of my work.

By Nollind Whachell

From playing within imaginary worlds to imagining a world of play.

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