Mastery of the Heart

Learning to let imperfect words lovingly express perfect feelings.

For the longest time, I’ve indicated a frustration, a lack of ability, in articulating what I’ve intuitively seen emerging for the past couple of decades. What I’m realizing is that it is not an inability to express myself that limits me but rather a fear to truly express myself in my own words that does. 

For example, if I take a collection of quotes by a variety of notable people and place one quote after the other to form a greater narrative that I see emerging, I feel no inkling of fear whatsoever in doing this and expressing myself using other people’s words.

It is only when I start to write out this emergence and “connect the dots” in greater detail in my own words that I begin to falter, stumble, and doubt myself, blaming it on a lack of mastery of words…when really it is more a lack of mastery of the heart. In effect, I’m not trusting my feelings and thus not trusting my Self in turn.

Therefore until I can accept my Self as I truly am and speak in my own words, however imperfectly, of the perfect feelings I am experiencing, I will never move beyond this point that I feel stuck within. In effect, I will always be standing in my own way, letting fear barricade the love my heart wants to release.

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