Life in Design

From an analytical right brain perspective, what I’m exploring often relates to the thinking, design, and maintenance of optimized complex systems, such as hardware, software, communities, organizations, and ecosystems. From a more holistic and intuitive left brain perspective, I’m simply exploring a more natural and flowing way of life.

It’s imperative to understand though that I didn’t create this design thinking or way of life, I just observed its existing patterns hidden within my years of reading and research. If anything, many people have already communicated these natural design patterns throughout the ages but often times from such a limited perspective that it’s often lost within just their area of expertise, rather than being understood by the average person.

So really more than anything, I’m just the messenger or translator of what’s already been out there. My purpose, above all else, is to try to communicate this knowledge in a simple way that hopefully everyone, no matter their background or work life, can understand. More than anything though, my hope is that even if a person doesn’t fully understand what I’m saying, there is still something within it that feels right to them, even if they themselves can’t explain it. This, if anything, is how I’ve made most of my discoveries over the years, in that I never disregarded something if intuitively it felt important or right to me, even if I couldn’t understand why at that point in time.