It Takes Two To Tango

It’s funny reading articles on how to have good customer service or reading a job posting from a company wanting someone who is "dynamic, creative, and positive". In reading these things, I realize it’s not one sides responsibility to act or be a certain way but instead both sides choice to care about the relationship they are in (be it personal or business).

For example, if a company is looking for a dynamic, creative, and positive person then it damn well better have a work environment that will let that person act that way within it. If instead it has an environment that is very closed, restrictive, and negative, then it is not the person’s fault for being negative or upset about the environment but instead the company’s fault. Actually if I was person being interviewed for such a job, I would turn the tables and specifically ask how their environment is "dynamic, creative, and positive" to allow me to flourish within it that way.

Same goes for other types of business relationships. For example, I wouldn’t expect a company to bend over backwards for a customer who was mistreating their employees (i.e. being rude, etc). Instead, if I was the company, I’d try to resolve the situation and if I couldn’t, I’d "fire" the customer. In effect, if the relationship isn’t beneficial to both sides, then it’s not meant to be.