The Symbol Of Chaos

Wow, I just had an interesting thought this morning. I was thinking about my recent post about interconnected interdependencies and the need for working on a small handful of things in harmony at once instead of just focusing on one monolithic thing (i.e. “don’t put all your eggs in one basket”). Well what’s interesting is when I was thinking about this, an image came into my head, that being the symbol of chaos as shown below in black.

Chaos SymbolAsymmetrical Chaos Symbol

What’s also interesting is the asymmetrical symbol of chaos shown in red beside it. It’s almost as though if you want to make a major push in one direction (represented by a larger arrow) then you should be balancing yourself out (or achieving harmony) by doing a handful of smaller things in other directions as well (represented by the small arrows). I also like this symbol because it reminds me of the collective effort of a group of people (i.e. a business). Their efforts individually may be small but working collectively together they can achieve big things in the direction of their unified passion.