Get A First Life

I just made the following comment on my site here (although I’ve mentioned something similar to this in the past).

Reminds me of when I was talking about video games becoming more and more 3D realistic, yet if you want want to experience some amazing 3D realism just turn off your computer and walk outside.

It seems like I’m not alone in these thoughts though, as Darren Barefoot just put up a Second Life spoof site called Get A First Life that’s quite hilarious. I think it’s Rob Cottingham’s words below though that ring true more than anything about the times we are living within.

And yet something about it strikes me as poignant. Maybe it’s the number of people out there who aren’t exploring their first lives with any sense of play, discovery or fun.

Big ditto on that. But ask yourself why this is happening? Why have people lost this sense of play, discovery, or fun? Do you feel like you’ve lost it? If so, what’s changed in your life compared to a younger age, when you felt you still had it? And most important of all, what is found within these virtual worlds that seems to give this feeling back?