Will Sell Soul For Product Placement

The PayPerPost concept just seems so absurd to me. I mean if you’re going to go that far as a business, why not just go all the way and damn well start rewarding the people out there who are already talking about your product or service. I mean if some person’s site / blog is already generating craploads of traffic to your product / company because they actually truly value your product, why not just send them a "Thank You" cheque in return for their generous selfless advertising of your product / site!

Oh sorry, how stupid of me! Why would a business pay someone for something that they are already doing for free! That would just be "bad business sense" now wouldn’t it!?

"Pardon me but did you just see which way the clue train went?"

2 thoughts on “Will Sell Soul For Product Placement

  1. umm, don’t know that I am generating lots of traffic for anyone and their products . . . . but gratitude checks are nice?

  2. Hehe, I’m sure they’d be nice for everyone. Why this is such an emotional and heated topic for me is that I’m a veteran of the Dot Com Bomb period. I saw tons and tons of community sites driving thousands and thousand of visitors to company sites basically providing word of mouth advertising and what did they get for their great work? Nothing. Eventually these community sites died off because they couldn’t support themselves because the economics of ad banners really only supported mega sites with millions of visitors.

    Therefore if you want to start handing out cheques to people for traffic they bring to you, why not start doing it now for those already doing it. Obviously you can’t write a cheque for every single person who generates a few hits of traffic to your site but you should be able to easily look at your traffic log and see the top ten sites that are generating traffic for you. The question you need to ask yourself is that traffic valuable to you? If so, then reward those people for it.

    Again this only applies to those people who have the money to give. If you’re not really generating money, you can’t really be handing out cheques though. Still there are other ways to reward people and show appreciate to them. Even just providing a single sidebar link to these sites who generate traffic for you is a great start in saying thank you. Therefore the more attention you get, hopefully the more they will get in return.

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