Gordon Campbell Doesn’t Care About Black Children

Oops, sorry! That’s not true! Gordon Campbell doesn’t discriminate like George Bush does! You see Gordon Campbell doesn’t care about children in general (at least in British Columbia anyways)! Sorry but I have to rant about this fricken idiot premier especially in light of the recent BC teacher’s strike. All I hear about is how…

Oops, sorry! That’s not true! Gordon Campbell doesn’t discriminate like George Bush does! You see Gordon Campbell doesn’t care about children in general (at least in British Columbia anyways)!

Sorry but I have to rant about this fricken idiot premier especially in light of the recent BC teacher’s strike. All I hear about is how great the provincial government is because they "care" about students while the teachers don’t care because they are on strike. Man, I wish the media would grab a fricken brain! Why the hell do you think the teachers are on strike in the first place you moronic twits! Focus on the real issues here! They are on strike and are complaining about the situation because they do CARE about the kids they are teaching. Why is the media pushing so much about parents having to come up with daycare for their kids? How about asking those parents if they care about their child getting a good education? I mean stop worrying about that kid being out of school for a couple of weeks and start looking at the long term consequences of that child’s poor education because of a system that is falling apart.  I mean do you honestly believe that getting teachers back to work and for them not to strike again in future is going to make everything better? The system is still screwed Gordie. Only thing different is that the teacher’s can no longer force you to do something about it, since they are no longer allowed to strike.

So what’s my point here? Well if Gordie CARES so much, then let’s see him put his money where his mouth is? Fine don’t give the teachers a raise to finally put them on par with the increase in inflation over the years but what about investing money in the education system Gordie to reduce class sizes and restock school supplies that are almost a non-existent joke? Why do you think kids, parents, and teachers are always on fund drives? You said you wanted BC to have the best education system, right? Well, you got this surplus Gordie. What the frick is your problem? Too busy spending money on giving raises to your own members?

I kid you not. Wait a couple of years. You will see a few things happening due to the idiocy of this government. You will see teaching conditions continually getting worse and you will see less people getting into the teaching profession because of that fact. People go into teaching because they have this idea in their head of what teaching should be (i.e. helping kids). Once they get in and have to deal with the bullshit politics of less and less funding each year for them to do their job then they will say enough bullshit and leave. I mean, how do you think you’d feel in the same situation if no one gave a shit about you and they just said "Shut up, quit complaining, and just do your job!" That’s pretty much what Gordie’s doing right now. Making something an essential service doesn’t mean that you care. It means that you don’t have to care anymore because those people in that profession can’t complain anymore about the conditions they are working within (well other than to quit that is or move to another province where teachers and the education system are treated much better). Way to go Gordie! Your doing a great job of driving teachers out of our education system you moron! Nice way to greet someone after five or six years of university education, with the hopes of getting into a professional career, you idiot!

Oh but don’t worry! I predict that Gordie will come charging in on his white steed to save the day near election time. I’m sure you’ll hear a big announcement by then of the provincial government investing lots of money into the education system (but he probably still won’t give teacher’s shit for the cost of inflation that they’ve had to deal with themselves over the years). All his cronies will pat him on the back and he’ll hand out raises again for everyone in his cabinet. You rule Gordie!

Oh and as for breaking the law, give me a break. They made up the law and passed it immediately so that the teacher’s strike would immediately be made illegal. I mean I’d love to create my own law that says idiotic premiers should be arrested and jailed for life, pass the law today, and get Gordie thrown in jail tomorrow but that would be idiotic wouldn’t it? This law, that was just passed, is no less idiotic.

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Ha ha! Thanks for your support! I’m a teacher who’s out on strike right now. It’s nice to know there are people who are behing us (and who think the government is being awfully nasty in this whole thing!)

I gave you the link to my main blog, but I have a half-baked blog about the strike you can find from the main blog, on the sidebar… I posted a picture of a sign I think you’ll enjoy on the Strike blog.

Thanks again for your support!

Well from the media, you wouldn’t think you had much support but once you give the people a voice you can definitely tell you have it. Just look at the new Related Web Articles link I added above entitled “How are you coping with no school?” which is a poll from Most people there seemed to be very supportive, even though they had to deal with daycare and such. It’s nice to see people thinking long term instead of short term!

Actually I just added the link above that you had on your site Hillary about “why teachers have gone on strike”. In reading it, I realized one thing that didn’t really stand out there and I think something that a lot of people seem to forget when they think of “teachers”.

Teachers are professionals who often take five or six years of university to get into their profession just like any other professional. Yet how many people tell other professionals to shut up and quick complaining about their work conditions or their salaries? Not many. Why? Because they know they put in a lot of work to get where they are today. I seriously believe that many people forget about this fact and think that teachers are hired off the street with little or no training, as if they were McDonald line staff workers and should be thankful they have a job.

Even worse people forget that teachers can’t just quit their job and leave their employer for another one where they live because their employer controls the entire region! I mean imagine if you worked as a computer programmer for a company and didn’t like the working conditions, so you wanted to leave. Uh, sorry, no can do because your employer controls all of the computer programming jobs for the entire region! The only option you have is to change your profession or move to another region where conditions are better. Some options! I mean if all jobs were as monopolistic like this, I’d think people would realize the importance of unions and the collective bargaining process.

Funny thing is, I can only name one teacher out of 50+ who seemed to actually care about their students. I call bullshit.It’s greed, on both sides.

Really and you can say you actually know these 50 teachers? Please at least name the school they are from, without naming them specifically, because it must be a “delightful” school for students where these teachers ignore spending their own free time, after classes, helping these students with school work, sporting tournaments, theatrical events, or fund drives to name a few. Not too mention the greed that these teachers must have for standing on the picket lines for no immediate strike pay with the likely expectation of no salary increase from the government as well. Hmmm, I wonder what other reason they could have for picketing? It must just be the overwhelming greed that is blinding them to do something as foolish as that? It must be! Yes, you’re absolutely right. I agree with you wholeheartedly. Oh those greedy uncaring teachers!

You know I’ve always wondered why teachers went through at least five years of university to teach for a starting salary that would be a joke for someone in the private sector who had the equivalent university time but today, with your help, I’ve finally realized why. Greed! It’s so obvious now!